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Election Tuesday, November 7th, 2023

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Candidate for Board of Representatives in District 7

Candidate for Board of Representatives in Disctrict 7

Candidate for Board of Representatives in Disctrict 7


My goals are your goals:

-Preserve the integrity of our community

-Ensure the safety of our families
-To be the voice for you all at the Board of Representative meetings

Elect Mike Battinelli to Board of Reps 7th District

“Working to improve Quality of Life for All”

-Fiscal Responsibility - 

-Public Safety - 

-Infrastructure -

-Education -

-Sustainable Development -

-Checks and Balances Accountability -

-Environment -

As a lifelong resident of Stamford and Glenbrook, Michael attended Stark Elementary, Dolan Middle School, and Stamford High School. He has chosen to live and raised his family along with his wife, Rosanna, of 37 years in Glenbrook because of the rich history, diversity, and culture. They raised four children; Michele, Laura, Mikey, and Joey who they are very proud of..
Growing up and continuing to live in Glenbrook, the neighborhoods has seen changes for the better and at times for the worse. However, the people of this great city and community has always been there for one another. Now, Mike wants to be there to serve you by putting the interests of all those in District 7 ahead of any political agendas.

Michael plans to focus on driver, and pedestrian safety by advocating to address speeding, street safety (like potholes), and crosswalks. His experience of 35 years of providing safety as a firefighter here in the City of Stamford, a member dating back to 1975 of the Glenbrook Fire Dept. and holding an Architectural and Engineering degree from Porter and Chester Institute can help in assessing the needs of our neighborhood.

Michael has been involved in the community by numerous youth sports (soccer, softball, baseball, and wrestling). He has been the Chairman of the Columbus Day Parade for 10+ years, and is a co-founder of the Stamford Neighborhood Coalitions which is a nonpartisan not-for-profit organization to preserve the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

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